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Authenticity and Taste of the Earth: The Cascina del Vai Farmhouse, where Tradition Unites with Nature

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A Commitment to the Future: Sustainability and Responsibility

We are aware of the importance of protecting and preserving our environment for future generations. Therefore, we adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, minimizing environmental impact and promoting biodiversity.

At Cascina del Vai, we are committed to growing fruits and vegetables with passion and respect for the environment. Every day, our caring hands tend the earth to ensure the growth of superior quality produce that reflects the authenticity and freshness of nature.

The Magic of Milk: Tradition and Innovation

Cascina del Vai’s goats are the source of a precious treasure: milk. With skill and passion, we transform this gift of nature into delicious cheeses that represent the excellence of our dairy production.

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The Harmony of Rural Life: Farming at the Cascina del Vai farmstead

On our farm, raising livestock is an integral part of our philosophy of life. Our lands are home to a diverse community of critters, cows, goats,chickens, rabbits and guinea fowl. Each animal is part of our farming family, and every day we work with commitment and dedication to ensure their well-being and happiness.

This allows us to guarantee the utmost genuineness of the meat we use in catering, offering our customers high-quality products from an established tradition

Treasures Among the Rows: Cascina del Vai Farm's Quality Vineyard

Our vineyard is a treasure from which we take the fine grapes that will give birth to our handcrafted wine. We grow our grapes with care to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of our final product.

Once harvested, the grapes are brought to our winery, where the magical process of turning them into wine begins. Grapes are carefully crushed and vinified, respecting centuries-old traditions and using modern techniques to ensure the highest quality.

The result is a wine that carries with it the soul of our land: each tells the story of our vineyard and the effort we put into cultivating it.

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Discover the Magic of Nature Up Close

Come discover the diverse wildlife of our farm in our gallery! We look forward to an unforgettable adventure among our creatures and their fascinating behaviors.